About Us

Islam Path is a media website created to open doors for viewers of all ages and tongues. It is a safe website that highlights the beauty of Islam using the simple means of short articles that address various topics. Viewers from all over the world can access these beautiful notices and be enlightened by the wonderful essence they convey. The idea of the website originated in 2016 from the observation of the massive impact social media and visual/audio presentations have on molding perspectives, especially those of younger viewers. Therefore, we intended to ride this highly influential wave to restructure the common image of Islam by allowing access to audio and visual presentations of Islamic scholars and figure speeches from all around the world.

Moreover, in a humble attempt to serve this delightful, peace-based religion with the knowledge that Allah has bestowed upon us, Islam Path came to existence to reach curious searchers speaking different tongues.

The website seeks to reach visitors via a variety of means; Quran Suras (text and audio in different languages), Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadiths, unique recitations, as well as lectures that strengthen faith and other topics. Also, a rich blog and Islamic e-books can be found on the website.

We would appreciate it if our dear visitors contributed to our message by sharing what they like on the website and commenting their thoughts and recommendations. Together, we can create a community of peaceful warriors against those distorting the image of Islam and fulfill our noble cause to spread the truth to others.