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Prayer: The Spirit of Worship

How could you gain the great pleasure of Allah? How could you strengthen your relationship with your Lord? How could you maintain your prayer? What are the great benefits of prayer? What is the significance of prayer? How could you feel the spiritual effects of prayer? Why do you not intentionally mis-recite the Qur’an?

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Maintaining Discipline in Worship

His wife noticed a great change in his demeanor. They had several discussions about his work and how it was affecting him and his relationship with Allah Almighty. He agreed, and would begin the process of searching for new work, but inevitably, chose to stay in his current job. He soon found himself feeling very distanced from his wife and children.

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Sunnah and Health Awareness (Part 2/2)

Islam’s prohibition of intoxicants strongly and clearly illustrates its concern for bodily health. Alcoholic drinks and drugs are prohibited under any name or in any form. Islam is very strict in the prohibition of intoxicants (here intoxicants include alcohol and drugs.) The consumers of intoxicants are not the only ones who are subject to legal punishment in the view of Islam but also the manufacturers, the sellers and the servers. Any substance that causes harm for the body is prohibited by the Qur’an and Sunnah.

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