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That Crazy Starving Muslim!

The real definition and practice of fasting extend beyond simply abstaining ourselves from food and drinks. Fasting also means self-restraint, from everything and anything that may displease God or go against the principles of decency. When we fast, we don’t eat or drink except at the right time, we don’t speak except for good words, we don’t perform except for beneficial deeds and we do not allow our hearts to be occupied by anything except for God, righteousness and all that is constructive.

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The Wisdom Behind I`tikaf

Moreover, I`tikaf (seclusion in the mosque) was prescribed by Shari`ah with the main purpose of making the heart fully occupied with and totally devoted to Allah alone, seeking nothing but His pleasure and finding intimacy in none but Allah, thus, this intimacy will remove his loneliness in the grave and grant him happiness, and this is the greatest purpose of I`tikaf.

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Why Do Muslims Fast?

In Muslim households, especially in Muslim majority countries, the children will be looking forward to the coming of Ramadan because it is a time when they will get to see their cousins and their friends more often at family meals. They will also decorate their houses and enjoy special Ramadan foods and drinks. The food and drink might be tasty, but they don’t realize that it is consumed in Ramadan because of the high protein value or because it helps maintain body sugar levels.

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