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Even a Smile is Charity: A Life Example

Muslims are also commanded to perform da`wah (calling others to Islam). I recall very well that a catalyst for my interest in Islam 11-years ago happened to be the adab (good manners) of a Somali taxi driver who, incidentally, was always smiling. Obviously he had a clear understanding of the hadith that says: “If Allah would guide one person through you to Islam, it is better than the whole world and whatever that’s in it.”

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Muslim Contribution to the Geometry

The greatest scientific contribution Muslims made to the world is the creation of mathematical science. Algebra, geometry, algorithm and arithmetic are at the heart of every scientific and social aspect of life. There is hardly a single device, business entity, industry, architecture built without the Arabic numerals, the decimal point, the sign and cosine, the ruler and the compass, all of which are Islamic inventions.

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