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Da`wah Preparations for Ramadan

By Editorial Staff We are just a few days away from the month of goodness and blessings. It is the month of Ramadan during which the Qur’an was revealed as guidance to people and clear proofs of guidance as well as a criterion between right and wrong. Ramadan: Opportunity for Da`wah This month is seen […]

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Does Ramadan Have Any Impact on Us?

To my pleasant surprise, the Muslims we interviewed were highly positive about their Ramadan routines. Fully 88 percent of the people we surveyed said they had special programs they implemented during this month. Aspects of their routine included reading Qur’an (across the board, this was a daily goal), attending all of the tarawih prayers, Dhikr, performing extra prayers, not overeating, Qiyam, and, as one of our answerers straightforwardly told us, sin analysis.

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